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Charlotte and her office are here to help you on issues that affect you in the Bristol North West constituency. Normally, the most effective help will be available by writing to Charlotte or emailing in your exact concerns; particularly where research or representations are likely to be required.

Whilst Charlotte likes to meet as many constituents as possible, for those requiring specific assistance meeting her in person is not usually the most effective or efficient way of giving that assistance.

In order to be able to make representations on constituents’ behalf what is required is the facts of the matter to be written down – we have found that this is best done by the constituent themselves (in their own words – rather than another’s interpretation of what was said). Also copies of any relevant correspondence would be useful. After which Charlotte’s team is able to do the necessary research and make enquiries to see what would be the best way forward and do the relevant preparatory work for Charlotte to be able to make the appropriate representations.

If, having looked into the case, seeing Charlotte in person is likely to be the more effective, then an appointment can be made then.