We noticed that the new weight loss offerings on the supplementation market emerge so quickly, that the majority of us even have no time to get acquainted with all of them. And this is not even about the proper study of such supplements.
That’s why we decided to analyze the abundance of diet pills available on sale. And finally we managed to single out PhenQ as a product you can trust. We are clear about its unquestionable advantages. So, we recommend this supplement as the best natural dietary product.


PhenQ is a famous, highly innovative non-artificial supplement developed in order to overcome the problem of mild or even moderate overweight in an absolutely natural way. We are convinced that this product is aimed to become a proper alternative to very powerful but not always safe prescription weigh loss remedies.
We found out that approximately 200,000 users have already tried this natural pill. And according to the existing evidence, they are satisfied with the supplementation results.
It should be also pointed out that PhenQ is a top-quality product. It became possible to ensure the highest level of supplement quality due to the application of FDA approved facilities for the pill production.
You can purchase this supplement without any prescription since it belongs to over-the-counter remedies.

Product Peculiarities

We want to draw your attention to the fact that the supplement presents an exclusive 5 in 1 formula developed to ensure maximum weight loss efficacy.
These 5 effects are as follows:
Appetite decrease. The product is a hunger suppressant. This enables you to reduce food consumption. It means that the number of calories you get also drops.
Metabolism acceleration. Fast metabolism is what makes slenderizing process possible and effective since in this case extra calories disappear without negative consequences to your body shape.
Fat destruction. Fat storages are eliminated from the body due to the increased thermogenesis, high metabolic rate, and boosted energy expenditure.
No fat formation. The supplement ingredients don’t permit the body to accumulate fat. That’s why this prevents fat gains.
High energy levels. When feeling energized, you can make the weight loss quicker and more successful. It’s a sure way to avoid exhaustion and fatigue.
We think that such a multi-sided approach to the weight loss really has all chances to bring positive results which the users expect.

Scientifically Backed Formula

We emphasize that this supplement has an unbeaten patented formula which distinguishes the product from the competitors. This formula is called Lacys Reset. We conducted own investigation which proved that there is really no similar diet pill formula on sale at the present moment.
Lacys Reset includes 2 key components known under the name of alpha-lipoic acid and cysteine. These ingredients have a high potential to regulate metabolism and normalize work of gastrointestinal tract. Due to these effects, the body weight increase becomes impossible.
We like the fact that PhenQ manufacturer doesn’t provide sweeping statements concerning the ability of the supplement to promote the body weight decrease. The matter is that the product formula underwent evaluation in clinical trials. According to the results of these clinical trials, the supplement formula is truly helpful for people who aspire to get rid of some undesirable pounds in a natural way.


We also like that the product is imbued with all-natural precisely researched components such as:
Capsimax Powder. This is a highly effective blend of the active substances which promote the weight reduction. It is comprised of caffeine, vitamin B3, capsicum pepper, and black pepper. All these ingredients have strong thermogenic properties which cause weight loss.
Calcium Carbonate. This component doesn’t let fat accumulate in the body. It also makes the process of body fat percentage decrease easier and faster. So, this active substance supports fat loss. Also, this ingredient helps strengthen bones.
Chromium Picolinate. This natural mineral is effective for the reduction of carbohydrates consumption. It gives an opportunity to control sugar levels in blood. Also, this component has an ability to suppress appetite.
Caffeine. This ingredient of natural origin enjoys popularity because it can lift energy levels, as well as enhances endurance and stamina. In addition, this component fights tiredness, decreases hunger feeling, and can even contribute to the decrease of fat formations.
Nopal. This Mexican cactus is filled with fibre and amino acids which are the appetite suppressants and act as fluid retention reducers. Under the influence of these substances, the body weight drops.
L-carnitine furmarate. This amino acid participates in the breakage of fat storages contributing to the energy upsurge. Also, it enhances satiety feeling.
We want to admit that synthetic components, gluten, fillers, binders, and GMO are not available in the supplement formula.
Questions and Answers

What is inside the PhenQ formula?

We studied the product formula and figured out that there are only natural components in it. The complete information about the ingredients is represented on the supplement label and on the manufacturer’s website.

Is there information about adverse reactions caused by the product?

According to the evidence that we have up to date, there are no plausible reports and proofs of any adverse reactions which were the results of PhenQ supplementation.

Will the pills give real results?

PhenQ efficacy is not a mere assertion because its formula is unique and well-researched. It really triggers the natural weight loss mechanisms in the human body.

Are physical activity and nutrition important?

We don’t insist that exercising and dieting should be obligatorily combined with supplementation. But they will surely be beneficial for your health and enhance the supplementation effects.

Can I get my money back?

If something goes wrong during the supplementation, you have 67 days from the pill delivery date in order to return unused pills in the original bottles and get your money back.

What are the user guidelines?

The supplement bottle contains 60 pills. It’s necessary to take 2 pills per day, 1 pill per serving. Drink much water with each pill. So, if you take the supplement without interruptions, one bottle will last for one month.

Bottom Line

After a thorough analysis of information concerning PhenQ, we came to the conclusion that this weight-loss product is really worth trying.
We think that the product efficacy and safety are sufficiently supported with trustworthy scientific evidence and positive customer feedback. The supplement complies with existing international quality and safety requirements and standards.
We would like to note that when purchasing this product you are protected with a money back guarantee valid for 60 days. This guarantee also refers to multi-purchase deals. It means that when something related to the supplement effects dissatisfies you, you will receive your money back but excluding shipping price.

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