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‘I’ll keep up the fight for Bristol rail revolution’


Charlotte Leslie has hailed proposals by local decision makers to look at a ‘light rail’ system around the Henbury railway area as evidence of progress – but nowhere near enough.

With new house-building at Filton gridlocking our roads more by the day, Charlotte is warning that this is too little, too late. Charlotte says that a rail revolution is needed if we are to avoid choking the whole of North Bristol with traffic.

She has been campaigning for over a decade to get decision makers to see sense and re-open Henbury Station, linking the Severn Beach Line to Filton, to complete a suburban-rail ‘circle-line’ round the city – the ‘Henbury Loop Line’. She is now taking this campaign to the newly elected Mayor of the West of England,  Tim  Bowles.

Charlotte, pictured with Henbury councillors Mark Weston and Chris Windows, reports:

“Local decision makers are looking at a ‘light-rail’ option across the north of Bristol. They are finally beginning to see the glaring reality of the gridlocked roads we live with every day – but I still do not understand why they do not embrace common-sense and prioritise the ‘Henbury Loop’.”

“Nationally, the Government understands the importance of local suburban rail to Bristol and is pumping millions of pounds of investment into the region to double the number of tracks at Filton Bank – which is essential to enable the Henbury Loop to happen.

I just don’t understand why our local decision makers are so extraordinarily reluctant to prioritise opening up the Henbury Loop Line.”

Charlotte has taken her concerns to the Government and held meetings with the Secretary of State for Transport.

She said: “To be fair, there has been progress: Henbury Station IS now set to be re-opened, and there is now talk of ‘light rail’ services. But this is not enough. I will do everything I can to re-open our railway and prevent our community being choked by gridlock.”