How to Do a Squat if You Are a Beginner

It’s well-known that squats are simply one of the best exercises to tone and build strength in the lower body. They can be done anywhere, require little (if any) equipment and are extremely versatile. One of the most important factors to consider in doing squats is form. While this exercise may be popular, it is still considered an advanced move and needs to be treated as such.

This article will cover how to do a squat if you are a beginner. There are a few effective methods to learn to do this exercise, so before trying it out on your own, read further and watch the demonstrations. The ability to incorporate this move into your fitness routine will reward you in numerous ways, so make sure you take the time to practice and perfect this. You’ll be happy you did.

Stability Ball Wall Squats

This is by far one of the best ways to learn to do a squat. The stability ball is a valuable aid in this movement because it supports your entire back while you learn to implement the proper form while building the required strength in the lower body to support your weight during the exercise. The quality of the stability ball you use is imperative, so make sure you have one that is burst resistant. Find a wall that is sturdy and free from any protruding objects (such as a nail) that could puncture the ball and steer clear of mirrored or glass walls.

I like this trainer’s demonstration because she not only describes the proper position, she gives you a simple progression to follow once you are ready for a bigger challenge. A general rule of thumb is to make sure your knees don’t go past your toes and keep them from bowing in or out during the movement.

Chair Squats

Another effective way to learn to do a squat is to use a chair for support. Since squatting is the act of getting up from a seated position, this is one of the most useful ways to learn to perfect this movement. A couple of things to keep in mind is to make sure you use a good sturdy chair that has no wheels and if you are in need of extra support, find one that has arm rests until you are strong enough to do this without them. Another safety tip is to position the chair against a wall for added stability to keep the chair from moving. Here is a short, but effective demonstration.

Isometric Wall Squats

Isometric contractions are the act of working your muscles without movement and they are one of the best ways to learn to do challenging exercises while building strength and perfecting form. To do an isometric squat, you would simply need a sturdy wall and you’re all set. Ideally you want to achieve a ninety degree position which is having your thighs parallel to the floor, but if this is too challenging at first, you can begin at a forty-five degree angle and progress as needed. This video is a perfect example of how to do this exercise and I like how he includes a safe way to lift yourself back to a standing position once you are fatigued.

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I will cover more advanced ways to do squats in addition to other varieties in future articles, but when it comes to exercising safely, it’s better to work out as a beginner if you are a beginner and advance accordingly.

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