Fighting That Pesky Jiggle under Your Arm – Exercises To Help Tone the Underarm “Wings”

Have you noticed that pesky jiggle under the arm when you wave at people? If so, you aren’t alone. It’s one of the areas of the body that women complain about the most and while it might not be so bad if those “wings” actually flew us to Bermuda, they don’t and instead, make us feel self-conscious.

What forms the underarm wings

There are three heads to the tricep muscle. The medial head is hidden, the lateral head is seen on the side of the arm when developed and the long head is underneath the arm, which is the area of focus in this article.
While the triceps come into play to assist many other exercises such as push-ups and overhead presses, there are moves that will target this particular part of the tricep (the long head), therefore building lean mass to help fill in some of the irritating loose skin and create a toned appearance. Here are a couple of my favorites!

1. Front Pulldowns

One of the most effective exercises to tone the underarm wing is the front pulldown. This can be done using either cables or resistance bands, so as long as there is a door or something to attach the bands to, you can do this regardless of whether you are in a gym or anywhere else. In addition to the long head of the tricep, front pull downs also target the lats and back of the shoulders…making this exercise a good choice to develop a sexy back! In the video demonstration, the trainer is doing a one leg front pulldown, which promotes additional muscle recruitment for stability. I would, however, recommend keeping both feet on the ground until you are more familiar with this movement and are ready to progress to something more advanced.

2. Lying Dumbbell Pullovers

This is another great exercise to target the long head of the tricep. This can be done either lying on the ground or a bench or using a stability ball. The video demonstration shows the trainer doing this exercise on the ball. If you decide to use one as well, then not only are you working your lats and the back of your shoulders like in the first exercise, but you will also strengthen your lower back, abs, glutes and hamstrings while opening and stretching tight hip flexors. My advice would be to begin gripping one light dumbbell (2-3 lbs) with both hands and extend both arms above your head as your level of shoulder joint flexibility allows. Repetition will help create higher range of motion in tight joints, so just keep at it, but use good judgment when deciding on weights. Always perfect form first, THEN add resistance.

If you do not own a stability ball, try this exercise out on a mat or a bench.

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Once you learn how to do certain exercises proficiently, then you can have some fun by combining them with other exercises to create a more efficient use of your time during your workout. An example would be to do a front pulldown using the bands and alternate with a tricep kickback using the same piece of equipment in the same position.

Do this consistently and watch your arms take on a toned and sexy shape.

Have you tried any of the above exercises? What did you think?

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