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Charlotte: How boxing can help the mental health of young men


Charlotte has long advocated the beneficial impact of boxing, especially for young men who may have had troubles in life and who need some structure and focus to get them back on track.

Credit: Carlo Allegri/Reuters

In this thought provoking article in the Telegraph, she talks about how some young men may need a controlled outlet for their anger, rather than just being asked to suppress it.

And she discusses how Prince Harry found boxing beneficial when he had mental health struggles.

In the article, Charlotte says: “Ever more sophisticated talking therapies are absolutely vital and transforming mental health treatment. However, the challenge we face is getting those benefits to reach sections of the population whose mental health problems manifest not in the instinct to sit and talk but in the overwhelming physical desire to fight. This matters. Angry men with mental health issues are far more likely to end up in gangs, in prison, and, as we have all too often seen, as violent extremists.”

You can read it all here or click on the image above.