Charlotte Leslie MP

Getting Stuff Done for Bristol North West


Charlotte is leading the campaign for a fully functioning Metro rail system in Bristol


Charlotte is backing community reopening of historic Lamplighters in Shirehampton


Charlotte is demanding proper public transport before RPZ is considered


Charlotte helped clubs win their battle with council over swimming lessons monopoly


Charlotte is working with Cllr Wayne Harvey to revitalise our High Streets


Including abseiling down the Avon Gorge to support Bristol charity Home Start

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About Charlotte

I was raised and grew up in Bristol, going to school in the constituency, I live in Westbury-on-Trym and my father has worked as a surgeon at Southmead Hospital and the BRI for over thirty years. I studied classics at Balliol College, Oxford and my interests include surfing, surf-life-saving, writing, art, Bob Dylan, running and swimming. Although I do not do as much of the latter as I should! I used to swim competitively, representing City of Bristol, and made the age-group national finals in 200m and 100m backstroke. I also enjoy boxing training and I am very proud to be President of Avonmouth National Smelting Boxing Club.

Charlotte’s Experience

I have had a range of career experience – from charity work to politics, tutoring children, television production and sports coaching. Whilst at University and afterwards I worked on the Atlantic-coast beaches of North Cornwall as a surf-life-guard. I also taught swimming, worked as a leisure centre assistant, lifeguard and gym instructor at Thornbury Leisure Centre – as well as at my parents' local pub, The Fox. I later worked in Television at The BBC, on 'The Weakest Link' and 'The Holiday Programme'; and for independent companies on programmes for Sky One and the BBC.

I then went into politics co-authoring the report 'More Good School Places' for the Think Tank 'Policy Exchange', which first made the case for the Government's policy of the 'pupil premium'. After this, I worked as Special Adviser to then Shadow Education Secretary, David Willetts. I have also worked for The Young Foundation, and the National Autistic Society, where I was very pleased to be able to help with their Autism Bill.

I formerly edited ‘Crossbow’, the magazine of the think tank The Bow Group, and I have written for a number of publications including The Telegraph, The Times, The Guardian Website, Prospect Magazine, and The Spectator.

My mission for Bristol North West

I believe that politics is not about “the politics of politics", (all that rumour and gossip in the Westminster bubble) but quite simply, "Getting stuff done." That's my mission- to get good stuff done and to make a tangible change for the better.

That is what I try to do here in my home, Bristol North West. It’s brilliant when things work out - like achieving the Bristol Free School, helping bring Teach First to the city, and countless other achievements like saving the Lamplighters Land and the Daisy Field, and saving Bristol swimming clubs’ ‘Learn to Swim’ from getting pushed out by the Council.

There are other projects that may or may not come off, but for which I'm working hard: re-opening the Lamplighters Pub, and resurrecting our local rail infrastructure with a Henbury Loop Line. That would be a game-changer for the city's transport. Its also what I try to do nationally; like working to set up a Royal College of Teaching, which would empower and further professionalise our great teachers, put evidence-based practice at the heart of teaching, and protect education from the inevitable fluctuations of Government; Like campaigning for proper accountability and transparency in the NHS, which means that highly paid managers who presided over tragic national scandals like the hundreds of needless deaths at Mid Staffs should be fired and held to account in law.

Anyone who knows me also knows I'm a keen boxing fan, and former boxer (thanks to Tex Woodward at Spanniorum Farm Gym...) I'm campaigning to get the social benefits of boxing and sport properly recognised and used to turn young peoples' lives around.

I am also campaigning to support our pubs. ( As a pint-lover, I do confess, not without a little self-interest!) I was given credit I probably didn't deserve by George Osborne as we won the campaign to end the beer duty escalator, and I'm working further to protect our community's pubs both locally and nationally.

Making things happen and making a difference should be what politics is all about, and it’s what I love doing, and am driven to do here in my home, Bristol North West.