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Monthly Archives: February 2010


St. Ursula’s announces it is seeking academy status

St. Ursula's decision gives parents new hope

St. Ursula’s decision gives parents new hope and will help safeguard the school’s education and ethos for the medium and long term – that’s not just for years, but for decades to come.

Local parents have welcomed St. Ursula’s decision to take steps to seek academy status, saying that it gives “new hope” to the campaign for a local school for BS9, and will safeguard the school and the education it provides for not just years, but decades to come.

The announcement was made on behalf of the governors and head of the school, by the new Chair of Governors, Charlotte Leslie.

The Governors and head are currently talking to existing parents of the school, explaining why the decision has been taken, and what it will mean for their children.


Petition launched to help save the Lamplighters Pub

Local pubs are suffering under the Government's beer tax

Local pubs are suffering under the Government’s beer tax

A campaign and petition to help save a family-orientated community pub in Bristol from permanent closure has been launched.

The Lamplighters pub in Shirehampton has recently been closed by owners Enterprise Inns while moves are potentially in progress to find a new publican for the facility, after the previous tenant moved on.

However, fears are growing within the local community that the pub, which is in need of some renovation, may not reopen. Residents believe that, with increased taxation on beers by the Government coupled with the stiff competition offered by supermarkets offering discounted alcohol, there is the possibility that the company may instead decide that reopening the Lamplighters may no longer be a viable option.

In response, a campaign designed to save the community pub has been launched. It includes a petition designed to demonstrate community support for the Lamplighters Pub, as well as asking Enterprise Inns to reopen the pub, and calling on local residents to pledge their continued support for the business in the years to come.


Working for more green space for Shirehampton Primary School

Charlotte is helping the school work with residents to secure this  piece of unused land for school use

Shirehampton Primary School suffers from a lack of green space where children can play games safely. However, local campaigner and Prospective MP, Charlotte Leslie has approached the Council on behalf of the school, and is working with the school and residents to secure a piece of neighbouring waste-land for school use, and at the same time improve the land for residents bordering the area.

Shirehampton Primary School has a need for green space so that its pupils can play games such as tag-rugby, and exercise without fear of injury from falling.  Charlotte Leslie has approached the Council to enquire about the feasibility of the school using a derelict piece of near-land-locked green-space near the school.

Charlotte met with Shirehampton Primary School Council and governors to discuss whether and how pupils would like to use the land. From this meeting, Shirehampton Primary School pupils composed a letter to residents, explaining their thoughts, and seeking a meeting to discuss how the land could best be used. The children’s aim was to improve the land for residents’ use, while establishing it for school use for games lessons and sports day.


Public meeting for a new secondary school for Bristol North West


Charlotte: Taking action to help parents

Charlotte Leslie is speaking at a meeting called by the campaign group “Parents Voice” to debate the need for a new secondary school to serve the BS9 area. The meeting is 7pm-9pm, at Westbury Methodist Church, February 15th.

Charlotte was approached by parents concerned that there was no school local to the community of BS9, and together they set up the campaign group “Parents Voice”.

Charlotte subsequently linked the “Parents Voice” group up with national body “The New Schools Network”, which is set up to help parents achieve a new school for their area, if Conservatives get into Government and legislation changes to help parents are passed.

The group now campaigns with and on behalf of parents for a new school for North West Bristol.

Charlotte, who is also now a Governor at St. Ursula’s School, an independent school at the top of  Westbury Road, will be explaining to parents what she has been doing to get the debate ignited,  and concrete steps for going forward.


Speaking in advance of the meeting, Charlotte said:

” I was being approached by so many parents who wanted a solution to the lack of secondary school for the community of BS9. So I stepped up to the plate and helped them form the campaign group ‘Parents Voice’ and then linked it in with “The New Schools Network” – which is a national organisation which can provide real support.

“I am delighted that the group is going from strength to strength, with local parents in the driving seat.  No amount of leaflets or statements of good intent or opinions will actually get a school for North West Bristol. It takes action, taking the initiative – and a lot of hard work. I’ve been putting in the work to galvanize parents, and explore real options for a new school for the area – in real, practical ways.  Not just words.”

The meeting is 7-9pm at Westbury on Trym Methodist Church Hall, Monday February 15th.


Charlotte: “Why I won’t insult my opponents”

Charlotte believes that cleaning up politics is about postive, honest action!

In the wake of the Westminster expenses scandal and a flurry of personal attacks in opposition leaflets, Charlotte Leslie has pledged to conduct a positive General Election campaign, free from personal attacks.

Charlotte says,

“After the scandal of MPs expenses, we must clean up our discredited political system – with honesty and positive action.

It is a shame that unwarranted personal smears have been levelled against me, but I refuse to respond in kind. Instead, I’m concentrating on action here in Bristol.”