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Getting Stuff Done for Bristol North West


Charlotte is leading the campaign for a fully functioning Metro rail system in Bristol


Charlotte is backing community reopening of historic Lamplighters in Shirehampton


Charlotte is demanding proper public transport before RPZ is considered


Charlotte helped clubs win their battle with council over swimming lessons monopoly


Charlotte is working with Cllr Wayne Harvey to revitalise our High Streets


Including abseiling down the Avon Gorge to support Bristol charity Home Start

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Monthly Archives: May 2007


Charlotte Supports Council Home Care workers

Charlotte has lent her support to the Council Home Care workers in their bid to keep Bristol Home Care council-run.

Supporting home-care workers against council cuts.

Supporting home-care workers against council cuts.

Charlotte Leslie has lent her support to the Council Home Care workers in their bid to prevent further privatisation of Home Care Services. Charlotte was one of the 9,000 Bristol residents to sign their petition, and was honoured to address the Home Care workers’ celebration of Care at Bristol Cathedral on 11th May.

Charlotte said “As someone with personal experience of caring for an elderly and disabled friend, I know how important it is for the elderly and infirm to have a familiar face to come in and look after them. Carers work so hard, and often their work is invisible to everyone except those they care for. I was honoured to be able to pay tribute to their work at Bristol Cathedral.”


Invisible Children (Bow Group Publication)

This is the first report in the Bow Group's INvisible Nation series

This is the first report in the Bow Group’s INvisible Nation series

The following is the introduction to the report entitled Invisible Children written by Charlotte Leslie, Chris Skidmore and Nick Cuff and published by the Bow Group. 

It is ten years since Tony Blair made education his priority in government. An entire generation of pupils have passed through school under Labour’s watch. Pupils who were in the first year of primary school in May 1997 finished their GCSEs last summer. Has every child mattered? In the first of the Bow Group’s ‘Invisible Nation’ series, this report looks at how the Blair generation fared.

We look at more closely at the standard 5A*-C measure of achievement, and look at how much those qualifications will be worth to pupils.


Charlotte Launches ‘Invisible Nation’ magazine for The Bow Group

“The Invisible Nation” magazine shines a spotlight on all the people who have fallen off the back of the statistics, and fallen below our social and political radar, the people we’ve forgotten we’ve forgotten.invisibleuk

Charlotte recently launched the Bow Group magazine on the ‘Invisible Nation’. Charlotte said

“There are many members of The Invisible Nation, and by their nature, it is easy to forget they exist. But if we are to be Compassionate Conservatives, these are the very people we should help back into society. This magazine shines a light on the kids who never even get to take their GCSEs, office cleaners who keep The City up and running but who struggle on pitiful wages, the mentally ill who find it hard to even face the world, let alone get to the job centre, and many more.

My dad is Australian and served as a doctor out in Vietnam. I will never forget him telling me that in assessing which war blasted victim to treat first, you had to leave the ones who were screaming. ‘It’s the ones who have stopped screaming who are really in trouble’ he said.

There are members of our society who have simply stopped screaming. Compassion means hearing the silence, then going out to help.”